Charli XCX Graces the Cover of ASOS


“Boom! Clap!” Guess who’s ASOS new cover girl?  The biracial Indian Scottish pop-punkster, Charli XCX, is spotted looking summer ready with her fully-sequenced blue halter bustier and complimentary orange knitted bottoms (all courtesy of ASOS, of course).

Since the release of her sophomore album, SuckerCharli has gained much mainstream attention in the States. However, the rebellious songwriter spent her teenage years “Breaking the Rules” in her hometown of London by performing at illegal raves. Surprisingly, even when she was an underage performer at late night warehouse parties, she had the full support of her parents. In fact, her parents would drive her to these venues. “We were the weird family at the club kid parties,” she said.

Her mischievous and rebellious nature can definitely be seen in her styling. I mean, mixing a full metallic sequence crop top with suede? It sounds like a fashion faux pas, but Charli makes it work.  She has the perfect makings of a 90s throwback, like an amalgamation of “Girl Power” and Spice Girls, with her large gold dangling star earrings and metallic mini skirt with the matching platform sandals. We can see why ASOS picked her up.


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