Christina Choe Uncovers a Fraud in Psychological Thriller ‘Nancy’


“Write what breaks your heart, because what breaks your heart will mend your heart.” This was just one of the lessons imparted upon filmmaker Christina Choe by one of her favorite professors. But to her dismay, he turned out to be a fraud who had lied his way into his position.

“I was shocked. What kind of person would do this? What part of him was real, if my experience felt authentic? Was he still a brilliant teacher, if he inspired me?” she wrote.

Choe’s turned that experience into a feature film script called “NANCY,” which she is now seeking to fund through Kickstarter. Here’s the synopsis from the Kickstarter page:

“NANCY is a suspenseful, psychological drama about a woman who lives at home with her dysfunctional mother. Desperate for connection, she creates a blog posing as a woman whose unborn child has a terminal illness and catfishes a lover, Jeb.

Soon after she is exposed and hits rock bottom, Nancy convinces herself she may be the missing daughter of an older couple. As Nancy’s lies begin to unravel, she becomes closer and closer to the family and risks losing her entire identity and the only unconditional love she’s ever had.”

She’s about halfway through her goal of $55,000, which she’s trying to hit by June 13. Incentives include tote bags with the names of other female filmmakers, North Korean postcards inscribed with a letter from the main character herself, and opening night tickets to next year’s Korean American Film Festival of New York.

To learn more about the feature film, visit its Kickstarter page here.


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