Eddie Huang Slams ABC’s ‘Fresh Off The Boat’: “I Don’t Recognize My Own Life”

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

Fresh Off The Boat has earned high praise from critics and audiences alike for its bold jokes and refreshing portrayals of Asian Americans, but there is one person who is still unhappy with the ABC family sitcom.

Eddie Huang, the restauranteur whose life and book inspired the sitcom, took to Twitter after last night’s episode aired and blasted the ABC comedy. In his latest series of tweets, Huang said he was disappointed that the show did not accurately depict his life and admitted that he has stopped watching episodes.

In February, Huang wrote an essay in New York Times Magazine that outlined his regrets and frustrations about how ABC watered down his brash and raw account of his upbringing, which included tales of domestic violence, bullying and arrests for assault. He called the television adaptation of his memoir a “cornstarch story.”

In a February interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Huang gave the series a “B” and expressed hope that future episodes tackle the issue of domestic violence.

“They tried to take my brother away and my parents away from my family because of domestic violence, and it’s something I really struggled with as a kid,” he said. “I feel like if we are going to talk about Asian families, it’s something we should discuss and think about how we can address.”

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Featured image courtesy of ABC/Bob D’Amico