Feeling Hungry? Follow These 5 Asian Foodies And Get Cooking

Are you constantly wondering what to eat next? Are you curious about keeping up with food trends? Are you trying to eat healthy, go vegan or just purely get into the habit of cooking?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we’ve got you covered. These five Asian food Instagrammers have captivated us with their cooking skills and photo quality, and their recipes are sure to satisfy your hungry stomach. Disclaimer: this list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to let us know about more awesome cooks!

1.Suzanne Nuyen (@bun.bobae)


Your self-proclaimed “bun bo bae,” Nuyen posts recipes that will make your mouth water. She mostly cooks Vietnamese food, but she always adds a twist to it. Once, she taught followers how to make her unique Vietnamese meat sauce, but instead of just sticking to rice as a staple, she recommended trying the dish with vermicelli, lettuce wrap or even pasta. Her latest recipe is a hearty Vietnamese chicken and bean stew, perfect if you are craving a hot and wholesome soup. You can catch up with her latest creations on her website.

2. Lucia Lee (@foodminimalist)


Lee takes pride in her “easy and minimal recipes.” On her Instagram, Lee explores a variety of cuisines, and her dishes range from Italian bolognese pasta and Thai curry fried rice to Korean kimchi tofu stew and the classic millennial avocado toast. In addition to her magazine-quality photos, Lee provides short and easy instructions along with the caption. If you are hoping to spend less time in the kitchen but still create quality meals, Lee’s feed is the place for you. 

3. Jessica Uy (@thefoodietakesflight)


Based in the Philippines, Uy introduces a vegan take on your favorite foods. She demystifies misconceptions about boring vegan food with recipes like tofu katsu, glazed orange cauliflower and vegetable lumpiang. Uy also sets herself apart by incorporating environmentally-conscious initiatives into her platform. With every purchase of her ebook “Vegan Kitchen,” Uy collaborates with the nonprofit reforestation charity, One Tree Planted, to plant two trees! At just 22 years old, Uy is set for an exciting journey.

4. Bill, Judy, Sarah and Kaitlin Northeastern (@thewoksoflife)


This isn’t just one cook but four, combined to blow your newsfeed away. The Northeastern family, Bill, Judy, Sarah and Kaitlin, introduces unique Chinese recipes to fit various occasions. Using an iconic symbol of Chinese food—the wok—the family serves up an honest take on Chinese culture, ranging from their tantalizing dishes and cooking etiquette to Chinese holiday customs. While their Instagram boasts a curation of beautiful food pictures, don’t forget to check out their website for the complete Woks of Life experience.

5. Cherie Tu (@thrivingonplants)


If you have a sweet tooth, Tu is your new best IG friend. She makes plenty of Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls, but also bakes cupcakes and banana bread and fries pancakes. Whether you are new to a plant-based diet or just want to switch up your eating habit with some more fruity nutrients, Tu’s recipes will be of great help.