Find A Spark Of Creative Inspiration This Summer With These 5 API YouTubers

Summer—the season of relaxation and a much needed break from studying. And, plenty of time to take up a new hobby, watch a few movies or discover a new favorite celebrity. In the age of YouTube, you can do all of the above and much more in one convenient place. But alas! With millions of content creators, where should one start?

Subscriber count isn’t necessarily everything—these five API YouTubers’ millions of lifetime views are a testament to the quality of their videos and dedication to their craft. Whether one is part of the comedy, lifestyle or music scene on YouTube, these influencers have everyone’s interests covered.


When the world gets to be a little too much—a little too stressful, a little too loud—PearFleur is the YouTuber to turn to. Her illustration, painting and bookbinding videos set to lo-fi music and smooth jazz are a delight to both the eyes and ears. Whether you’re watching her videos on a rainy day curled up in a warm blanket or working through a lull in studying, even just one of PearFleur’s 114 videos is sure to bring some comfort your day.

2. Fancy Nancy TV/ Nancy Shao

Shao’s simple and laidback lifestyle, travel and beauty videos set her apart from the clickbait videos that populate YouTube these days. As a recent college graduate, Shao documents her daily life, warts and all, and that’s what makes her so relatable. She isn’t afraid to voice her concerns or sit down to chat about her anxieties. She invites viewers along for the ride and her honesty is a major part of her appeal.

3. Sleightlymusical/ Albert Chang

Since joining YouTube in 2011, Chang has, as his username implies, stuck to his roots as a violinist while incorporating fun sleight of hand tricks into his content. Covering music from “Sherlock,” “Jurassic Park,” “League of Legends,” “Attack on Titan,” and more, Chang has more than proved to be a master of his craft, not only as a musician, but also as an editor, producer and director.

4. Preetaxyz/ Preeta Acharya

For all the K-pop stans out there, Acharya is just the YouTuber to check out. Her singing and dancing covers have racked up more than 6.5 million views and even piqued interest from Yixing Zhang (aka Lay Zhang), a member of the K-pop boy group EXO. Acharya’s impressive vocal range and quality even earned her a gig at KCON 2018 NY.

5. Vietglish Fun/ Chị Kayla/ Kayla Nguyễn

Best known for her viral facebook video with over 5 million views, “How To Say Animals In Vietnamese,” Nguyễn is no stranger to internet fame. Nguyễn’s knack for comedy shines in her English-to-Vietnamese song covers and “How to _ ” videos, which on YouTube alone have amassed over 22 million views, and with a steady stream of commercial deals, college appearances and her signature comedy skits, it doesn’t seem like Nguyễn will be slowing down anytime soon.