For National Dessert Day, Try These 7 Innovative Asian Desserts

Happy National Dessert Day! Even though we all love chocolate cake and donuts, there’s only so much you can eat before your taste buds are hankering for a change. And when that time comes, here’s a list of heavenly creations that make the best use of Asian ingredients. This Dessert Day, swing by one (or two) of these SoCal spots and indulge!

1.Halo Halo – Sari Sari

Grand Central Market’s Sari Sari Store features most Filipino favorites, including the popular dessert halo-halo. At Sari Sari Store, this staple is made with seasonal granita, milk flan, coconut tapioca, ice cream and fresh fruit. Generous toppings melt together to make this tropical dessert sensational.

2. Miso Butterscotch Cookie – Sugarbloom Bakery

If mixing sweet and savory flavors is your thing, this cookie is tailor-made for you. At Sugarbloom Bakery, Japanese miso is combined with brown butter and white chocolate chips and baked to perfection. Pair it with coffee for the midday treat you deserve. 

3. Tropical Coconut Cake – SusieCakes

SusieCakes Bakery perfectly captures an endless summer with their tropical coconut cake. Vanilla sponge cake is layered with pineapple and coconut cream filling, then topped with fluffy coconut cream and finally covered in shredded coconut. The resulting cake looks like a dreamy little cloud, and tastes just as good!

4. Saffron Rose Water with Pistachio Ice Cream – Mashti Malones

Arguably the best in town, Mashti Malones has been serving Persian ice cream since the ‘80s. Their flavor range is eclectic—French lavender, date, banana walnut and orange blossom, among others. But a personal favorite is the saffron and rose water ice cream speckled with pistachios. 

5. Matcha Green Tea Rose Ice Cream – Milk Bar

Well known for its unusual combinations, Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar has some delectable sweet treats for a warm day, like their matcha green tea rose ice cream. Sandwiched between two perfect macarons, Tosi incorporates organic matcha and rose water to give this ice cream sandwich its delicate flavors. You’ll definitely be going back for seconds. 

6. Passion Fruit Kakigōri – Majordōmo

Fall may be upon us, but that’s no reason to keep your spoon out of this passion fruit-flavored shaved ice. Though it resembles a snow cone, what sets Kakigōri apart is the soft and fluffy texture of the ice. At Majordōmo, chef David Chiang elevates this seemingly simple dessert with delicate fruit notes and an airy meringue hat.

7. Flourless Matcha Cake – Urth Caffe

The flourless matcha cake at Urth Caffe is not only gluten-free, it’s also made from organic ingredients, making it a clean indulgence for matcha lovers. This little pastry is filled with creamy matcha ganache and white chocolate chips, and dusted over with an ample dose of that green matcha powder.