For the Hardcore Sushi Fanatics: Sushi Donuts


If there was a list of the most adorable food from around the world, then we all know what must be on it- sushi donuts. I know the name may catch you off guard. In fact the idea of raw fish on that particular pastry doesn’t actually sound too appealing at all. Luckily, this dessert is not a literal combination of a donut and a sushi. The dessert simply looks like a piece of sushi, but it is a full-bred donut.

The Japanese Donut Franchise, Mister Donut, are the masterminds behind this creation. It has become a recent sensation on social media sites ever since a Japanese Twitter user posted a picture from his visit to Thailand.


With the Sushi Donut making a splash in the social media scene, just about everyone wants to try one of Mister Donut’s SushiDo Delights. Unfortunately, this particular sushi donut is only available in Thailand for now. Check out the video below. Trust us, if you don’t want to try a sushi donut by now, this should do the trick: