Fresh Traveler takes on Thailand

Meet Patricia Serrano of Fresh Traveler.

She is doing what most of us dream of: traveling the world on someone else’s expense. Patricia’s easy breezy on-air presence mixed with some beautiful cinematography of the places she’s been to makes her videos addictive to watch.

This Thai-American travel vlogger recently made a trek to Thailand along with her videographer Brandon Li and is letting us in on her envious winter vacation. Check out the preview video below:

Check out Patricia getting her feet bitten off — err — getting cleaned below:

We asked the Fresh Traveler some questions on how she got to do what she does and some traveling advice. Check it:

How did you start your travel blog?
Fresh Traveler: After starting a friendship with a videographer I hardly knew, we whisked away on an adventure to Baja California and combined our shared passion for traveling and filmmaking. Now, I can’t get rid of him.

Why did you name it FreshTraveler?
FT: was taken and I liked the sound of a URL that had four syllables. I also wanted a name that captured what I wanted to do – a fresh and unabashed approach to travel.

Coolest place you’ve been to?
Definitely Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I saw nature inspired architecture that I swear was out of the forests of Walt Disney’s Snow White. I love the way that the Modernisme vibe of the whole city transports me to a fantastical land.

Most memorable adventure?
When I was on a speedboat to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand, I was so distracted by water caves that I dropped one of my videographer Brandon’s cameras in the middle of the Andaman Sea. I felt so guilty because it’s not like I could dive into the depths of the ocean to retrieve it. Lesson learnt: always wear a wrist strap when holding a camera on a speedboat. That’s definitely something that Brandon will never let me forget.

Piece of advice for travelers?
Sin gracefully.

If you’ve enjoyed Fresh Traveler’s Thailand trip so far, keep checking in, we’ll be posting more vids from them in the next coming weeks!