Fried Pikachu Sold in South Korean Street Food Stalls

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

A wild Pikachu appears in a South Korean street food stall! Korean foodies can now eat deep-fried pork cutlets, or tonkatsu, in the shape of the incredibly popular Pokémon, according to Rocket News 24.

pikachu street food

Apparently, street food vendors have been selling Pikatsus for a while now, as the treat has been spotted in food blog posts as early as 2006. They sell for about 500 won each, about 45 cents in U.S. currency.

You can also order packages of 30 fried Pikachus through Gmarket, a Korean online marketplace, for around 9,000 won. It looks like the packages are temporarily out of stock due to the snack’s popularity, but don’t worry. With the patience of a Pokémon trainer, you can make your own fried Pikachus at home by arranging strips of meat into the iconic silhouette, breading the meat and frying it in a wok.

It might even be better to make your own Pikatsus because Japanese media sites like Afternoon News have noted that food stalls selling these cute cutlets don’t have authorized use of the beloved Pokémon’s name or likeness. 

M1JDrLc1SXcdZmwXLX35r(Photos via 386dx)

00317(Photo via Afternoon News)

As a Pokémon fan, I’ve always wondered if the human characters in the anime actually ate butchered Pokémons. After all, in Pokémon X/Y, restaurants openly serve Azure Bay Slowpoke Tail. It’s a bit traumatizing to picture Ash eating a deep-fried version of his best friend.

pokemon meat(Photo via Anime.Stackexchange)

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