Get to Know 17-Year-Old Singer & Model Skye Daru


Talented, intelligent, driven and beautiful. It’s hard to imagine anyone who could fill such a description, but 17-year-old model and singer Skye Daru effortlessly fits the part.

The ridiculously talented teen– who is of Filipino, Indian and Persian descent– first started modeling at the age of six. Of course that wasn’t the only thing she excelled at. Having a passion for music as well as modeling, Daru picked up the piano at the age of five and found a love for drums in the 5th grade.

By the time she was a freshman in high school, Daru had a Ford modeling contract under her belt. And even with her impressive list of achievements, Daru’s vast skill set was no where near done opening doors for the ambitious girl.



…”the side of me you’re gonna see is the side you don’t know…”

A photo posted by Hayley Skye Daru (@skyedaru) on


A photo posted by Hayley Skye Daru (@skyedaru) on


  It was during a photoshoot that Daru was discovered as a singer. “It was a holiday shoot and all of the models there were asked to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ in a particularly weird voice,” Daru told Teen Vogue.  “I didn’t want to sound stupid, so I sang in my actual voice. After the director heard me, he immediately asked that I sing him something else, so I broke out some Guns N’ Roses. He then let my agency know that I had some raw potential, and after that they brought in a manager and producer for me.” Now, in addition to a number of pop songs available on iTunes, Daru has recorded a 6-song EP which will be released in the Fall. The debut single “Wildside” is said to be about Daru embracing her life between music and modeling.”    



And if you thought juggling two careers as a teenager was difficult, you’ll be shocked to discover that Daru has been able to remain a full-time student. Talk about impressive time management skills!

Daru admits that because she occasionally misses school for photoshoot and gigs, her principal tried placing her on the truancy list. She avoided this by maintaining straight A’s and remaining in the top 10% of her class despite her hectic work schedule.

Like we said, this is one seriously driven girl.


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