Get to Know Chris Riedell From Wong Fu’s ‘Everything Before Us’


Part of the renowned YouTube filmmaking duo The Brothers Riedell, Chris Riedell plays Ben’s know-it-all best friend Henry in Wong Fu’s first feature-length film, Everything Before Us. Throughout the film, Henry constantly pesters Ben to fix his low relationship score and offers him unwarranted relationship advice. Riedell had previously starred in the Wong Fu sci-fi short, The Other Side of Yesterday. He also recently starred in the horror-comedy feature Crush the Skull.



About the film:

1. Describe your character in three words.
Annoying best friend

2. What is the most crucial part of being in a romantic relationship?
Communication! Talk to each other. Even the things you don’t want to say. I have learned a lot being married. My wife is amazing. I’m not so much. Also, kiss a lot, be naked a lot too and laugh. And eat food. Ya know, life stuff.

3. What would your real-life relationship score be, and why?
Tough to say. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I’m better now. So I’d probably be recovering from a low score.

4. Any bloopers or memorable episodes on set?
Every single day was so much fun. It was tough not to laugh and blow a scene working with Aaron. We did one take with Aaron and Joanna in the office scene where we all agreed to do the stupidest voice possible and it was terrible and wonderful. I loved it so much.

5. What is your opinion of Wong Fu as film directors?
I absolutely love those guys. It was truly an honor to work with them. They create such a place of peace to work in that you feel free to try things and they always guide where you need to go. They care deeply about their characters and it always shows. As an actor you trust them and they never break that trust. I cannot wait to see what they create next.



About Chris:

1. What always makes you laugh?
Farts. Weird pictures of dogs. People falling down. Myself falling down. Usually my wife and I are laughing about something really dumb like a picture of someone’s chin or something.

2. Your go-to comfort food?
Anything with cheese.

3. Currently on “repeat” on your ipod?
Swans “Lunacy”

4. A guilty pleasure you don’t feel guilty about?
The National Treasure movies. Man, I love Nic Cage.

5. Current favorite place?
Always the ocean.

6. Favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?
Water and coffee.

7. Current obsessions?
Trying to communicate with dogs. I will have breakthrough someday. I just know it.

8. Pet peeve?
Close talkers with bad breath.

9. Habit you need to break?
Not sleeping.

10. Hidden talent?
My emotions.

11. Talent you’d like to have?
I would love to play the violin and have a super long ponytail. Then I’d just show up on rooftops and play that violin and whip that ponytail for unsuspecting crowds.

12. Word or phrase you most overuse?
“I’m sorry I farted”

13. Favorite hashtag?

14. Greatest fear?
Slowly dying alone.

15. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what occupation would you be doing?
I have no idea. Wandering the earth probably.



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