Get to Know Randall Park from Wong Fu’s ‘Everything Before Us’


KoreAm and Audrey Magazine recently teamed up to get acquainted with the cast of Wong Fu Productions‘ first feature film, Everything Before Us.

The sci-fi romantic drama follows two couples—a pair of college students and two estranged thirtysomethings—as they navigate the challenges of their relationships within the rules of Department of Emotional Integrity (DEI), a government agency that monitors and grades every romantic relationship.

In the film, Randall Park plays a world-weary DEI agent whose job is to assign a relationship score to each individual and determine who is accountable for a failed relationship. You can learn more about Randall below!

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Full name: Randall Park
Age: 41
Ethnic background: Korean
Where he was born: Los Angeles
Where he was raised: Los Angeles

About the Film


1. Describe your character in three words.
Efficient, lonely, hopeful

2. What is the most crucial part of being in a romantic relationship?
Romance. Otherwise, it’s a not a “romantic” relationship.

3. What would your real-life relationship score be, and why?
I think I’m a 90. Probably more like a 65. I don’t know, ask my wife.

4. Any bloopers or memorable episodes on set?
We shot most of my scenes at a DMV. I’ve never had a more memorable time at a DMV.

5. What is your opinion of Wong Fu as film directors?
They’re total pros and really good guys. I love them.

About Randall


1. What always makes you laugh?
Nathan For You. It’s a show on Comedy Central.

2. Your go-to comfort food?
Mexican food.

3. Currently on “repeat” on your ipod?
Alabama Shakes.

4. A guilty pleasure you don’t feel guilty about?
Judge Judy.

5. Current favorite place?

6. Favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

7. Current obsessions?
My daughter. It’s bordering on unhealthy.

8. Pet peeve?
Self-righteous indignation.

9. Habit you need to break?
Self-righteous indignation.

10. Hidden talent?

11. Talent you’d like to have?

12. Word or phrase you most overuse?
“No worries.” I am way too laid back.

13. Favorite hashtag?
I don’t think I’ve ever used a hashtag.

14. Greatest fear?
Pigeons who don’t fly away when you get close to them. They’re insane, and they will kill you.

15. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what occupation would you be doing?

Want to get to know the rest of the cast? Be on the look out for their responses coming soon! Everything Before Us is currently available on Vimeo!

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