Gordon Ramsay to Compete on Korean Culinary Variety Show

Michelin-starred celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is confirmed to be competing on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” a popular cooking and variety show from Korean broadcasting company JTBC. The series also streams on Netflix under the title “Chef & My Fridge.”

Ramsa, who was recently named a brand spokesperson for Cass, a Korean beer company, will be in South Korea from Nov. 17 to 20. After taking interest in the format of “Please Take of my Refrigerator,” Ramsay decided not only to make a special guest appearance, but also to participate in the show’s 15-minute cooking challenge.

“Please Take Care of my Refrigerator” is a hybrid variety program that combines elements of talk shows and culinary challenges. Celebrity guests are invited to the studio and are asked to bring along their refrigerators from their homes. After briefly reviewing the contents of their fridges, two chefs are then challenged to create a meal using only ingredients found in the guests’ refrigerators.

Ramsay is scheduled to take part in the Nov. 18 recording of the show, which airs on Mondays in South Korea.