Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrate the Year of the Tiger With These 10 Products From Sustainable, AAPI-owned Brands

The Year of the Ox has finally ended, and while it may have not been the luckiest year for many, here’s to hoping the Year of the Tiger brings new beginnings and experiences—although maybe we could do with a few less “interesting times.”

Sadly, real tigers face the danger of extinction due to deforestation, poaching and human intrusion on their habitats. Although counteracting the effects of climate change takes more than one person, we can all make small changes in our own lives to help our environment. Here are 10 sustainable Asian-owned lifestyle and beauty brands committed to keeping our planet clean (and our tigers in good health). 

1.Meow Meow Tweet | Rose Geranium Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick ($14)

Looking for an alternative to the usual plastic deodorant tubes sold in stores? Worry not, Meow Meow Tweet’s Rose Geranium Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick is the perfect alternative. The paper push is made of fully biodegradable material with absolutely no plastic or metal, meaning the tube can easily be thrown away in one’s backyard or compost bin without fuss. Confused about the switch to natural deodorants? Meow Meow Tweet offers multiple written guides as well as instructional videos on their website.

2. Glow Recipe | Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer ($21)

Caring about the environment doesn’t mean you have to give up your skincare routine. The Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer is a lightweight, yet highly hydrating product for all skin types. The best part? Glow Recipe uses recyclable materials in shipment boxes as well as clean and sustainable ingredients in every product they create, and offers a recycling program for used goods. In addition to ensuring their products are as environmentally friendly as possible, the company has pledged to become carbon neutral by this year and also supports campaigns like #CODERED4CLIMATE, urging lawmakers to help fight climate change.

3. Girlfriend Collective | Please Recycle Fanny Pack ($48)

Founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife duo Quang and Ellie Dinh, Girlfriend Collective is dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling—so much so, sustainability breakdowns are available on the company’s website for every one of their products. Oh, and they make some bang-up athleisure accessories, too! From bags to hair scrunchies, any item purchased will contain at least 25% recycled material made from plastic bottles, cotton leaves and/or fishing nets. Our fave is the Please Recycle Fanny Pack. Perfect for a day at the gym or a jaunt around town, it’s made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, conserving 31.09 lbs of CO2 and saving 5.57 KWH of energy in the process. 

4. cocokind & Tower 28 | cocokind x Tower 28 lunar new year kit ($55)

Both cocokind and Tower 28 have made headlines in the last year for their products, and this Lunar New Year collab features some of the most popular items from both brands, like Tower 28’s ShineOn Lip Jelly and BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm and cocokind’s AHA Jelly Cleanser and Ceramide Barrier Serum. All are made with natural ingredients, and both companies support environmental preservation. cocokind provides straightforward ingredients lists, as well as sustainability labels that break down the environmental impact of each step taken in product creation. Tower 28, meanwhile, strives to reduce plastic waste in its packaging, along with working toward carbon-neutral shipping options for products. The company also donates to environmentally friendly campaigns like Heal The Bay.

5. Sage Collective | Auspicious Tiger Toy ($68)

Speaking of the Year of the Tiger, get festive with a Tiger Toy from Sage Collective! Made by Nü Hong Studio, a Chinese workshop that promotes the continuation of traditional needle arts, the Auspicious Tiger Toy is the perfect gift for the new year. With its vibrant colors and precise needle-work, it works great as a centerpiece or a children’s toy. Not only is the tiger cute, the toy’s manufacturing process ensures it’s good for the planet as well. Sage Collective bridges the gap between local Chinese craftspeople and the global marketplace, forgoing the assembly line to instead seek out small-scale, eco-friendly operations and give a selling platform to underserved communities.

6. Huppy | The Duo ($20)

It’s so frustrating to have to throw out the last bit of toothpaste stuck in the tube, but dental-hygiene brand Huppy has found a way to make consumers’ lives easier while putting an environmentally friendly spin on the process. Duo is toothpaste in the form of a chewable tablet, allowing for less plastic and product waste than traditional toothpaste. Huppy also donates 2% of its revenue to other sustainability initiatives, along with guaranteeing its products are zero waste.

7. Blueland | Clean Essentials Kit ($39)

Want to keep your house and our earth clean as can be? Check out the Clean Essentials Kit by Blueland, a company seeking to eliminate single-use plastics and reduce pollutants in our landfills and oceans. The set contains Foaming Hand Soap, Multi-Surface Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner and Glass + Mirror Cleaner, all products that usually contribute to microplastics in our food and water—but Blueland provides all merchandise in reusable, zero-waste containers that can and should be used again and again. Since 2019, the company has diverted over 1 billion single-use plastic bottles from landfills and oceans and has garnered a B Corp Certification, meeting the highest social and environmental standards possible.

8. Sach Goods | Lunar New Year Gift Set ($52)

Candlelit, ethically conscious, eco-friendly Lunar New Year celebrations just got a whole lot easier! With the Lunar New Year Gift Set from Vietnamese American-led company Sach Goods, buyers receive four 3.6 oz beautiful-smelling candles—each sporting a Year of the Tiger label—made from coconut wax, which doesn’t contribute to mass deforestation like the popular competitor, soy wax. What’s more, Sach Goods’ candle jars are entirely recyclable and their stickers are made from biodegradable sugar cane.

9. KraveBeauty | Great Barrier Relief ($28)

KraveBeauty created this skin serum to restore one’s skin to its highest potential. With natural ingredients like tamanu nut oil and rosehip oil, Great Barrier Relief calms irritation and provides relief for stressed skin. But the company also helps provide relief to the environment. KraveBeauty uses sustainable packaging and is working toward becoming Climate Neutral Certified, in addition to donating a portion of revenue to projects like Women’s Earth Alliance, which helps support grassroots efforts in the fight against climate change.

10. Skylar | Discovery Set ($25)

Inspired by California skies and natural landscapes, beauty brand Skylar provides its customers with dreamy, hypoallergenic scents in environmentally sound packaging. Newcomers can check out the Discovery Set, which consists of five nature-inspired scents that are sure to brighten your days. Skylar perfumes use safe synthetic ingredients, and their packaging is made of FSC paper from sustainably forested locations. If you’re looking for environmentally conscious, allergen-friendly and cruelty-free products, this is the perfect perfume brand for you!