Jackie Chan And Ralph Macchio Join Forces for New Karate Kid Film

Old and new fans of “The Karate Kid” films get excited — the beloved franchise is coming back bigger and better than ever.   

Ralph Maccino, who plays the original protagonist in the 1984 movie and Jackie Chan, who was a main character in the 2010 film, made headlines by appearing in a newly released Youtube video together. Both men who have played integral roles in the franchise announced for the first time they were going to unite in the next installment of the “The Karate Kid” universe. The two actors also announced a global casting search for a new karate kid to play the lead in the movie. 

The latest film, directed by Jonathan Entwistle and penned by Rob Lieber, is keeping its plots mostly unwrapped. It’s unsure how much of the new movie will include storylines from spinoffs like the Netflix series, “Cobra Kai,” but fans of the franchise will have quite a while to wait and see. The next installment isn’t set to be released until  Dec.13, 2024 in theaters, but until then, keep an eye out as there should be more details like casting announcements and plot points to be released!