Netflix’s ‘Pokémon Concierge’ Welcomes Weary Pokémon Travelers Into Their Resort

The Pokémon that we grew up with either fought in battles or stayed dutifully inside of their Pokéballs, awaiting their next summoning. It’s about time they took a vacation, don’t you think? This wholesome sentiment is the premise of Netflix’s upcoming stop-motion miniseries “Pokémon Concierge.” The trailer kicks off with the introduction of concierge, Haru (Karen Fukuhara), who is starting her first day at the Pokémon Resort. Her job is to ensure the enjoyable stay of the resort’s guests, some being easier to appease than others (I’m looking at you, Psyduck). Haru’s resourcefulness and problem-solving will be put to the test, but it’s a challenge she gladly accepts.

Additional English voice cast includes Imani Hakim (Alisa), Josh Keaton (Tyler) and Lori Alan (Watanabe). The main theme song, “Have A Good Time Here,” is sung by legendary city pop star, Mariya Takeuchi. This production by dwarf studios was written by Harumi Doki, directed by Iku Ogawa and designed by Tadahiro Uesugi

There will be four total episodes, each ranging from 14 to 20 minutes. The series will be released exclusively on Netflix, Dec. 28. Watch the official trailer here.