jason chu Returns with Introspective New Album ‘We Were the Seeds’

Los Angeles-based rapper/activist jason chu released “We Were the Seeds” today, an album that promises to bring the same energetic performance and hard-hitting lyrics that the musician is known far. 

“We Were the Seeds” sees chu reflecting on generational growth, heritage, and cultural strength. The musician plays to his strength, using introspective English and Mandarin lyrics in the forefront of catchy beats and soothing melodies. Spanning eight tracks, with the vibrant and fun lead single “Drive Safe,” which was released last month, the album also includes songs featuring Travis Atero in “Pray 4 U” and a collaboration with Korean soul singer Ann One on the track, “Kintsugi.”  

chu’s thought process during the creation of “We Were the Seeds” was to examine Asian American identity and the relationship between his community and its history. “For the past two years, I’ve seen our people figuring out our future. I’ve seen us looking for a way to hold onto ourselves, free from the ‘need’ for someone else’s approval,” The rapper explained in a press release, “These days – thanks to friends, mentors, and ancestors – I’ve started to know myself. This album is about who we can be, when our stability and life draw from those deeper roots.”

“We Were the Seeds” is on all streaming platforms now. For more information, check out chu’s website here!

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