Jessica Henwick and Julia Garner Are Trapped in a Menacing Town in ‘The Royal Hotel’ Trailer

An eerie bar in the Australian outback — a rowdy crowd of drunk locals and two female backpackers wanting to make some extra cash on vacation. What could go wrong? What starts as a spontaneous and quick job to earn some money for American tourists Hanna (Julia Garner) and Liv (Jessica Henwick), turns unnerving as the men who visit the bar along with the bar’s owner Billy (Hugo Weaving) become hostile towards the women. 

Directed by Kitty Green, “The Royal Hotel,” is based loosely on actual events and is Green’s second time working with Garner, the first being in 2019’s  “The Assistant.”  The trailer for the film seems to have the same tense and unsettling atmosphere as Green’s previous works, but don’t just take my name for it, make sure to catch the trailer down below and mark your calendars for its October 6 release date.