Upcoming Film “Quiz Lady” Features Sandra Oh and Awkwafina in a Sister Act

Awkwafina (“The Farewell”) and Sandra Oh (“Killing Eve”) are all too familiar with playing roles like “daughter” and “mother,” so it’s thrilling to see this duo in a new dynamic as sisters. 20th Century Studios’ upcoming movie, “Quiz Lady,” released its official trailer today. We meet Anne (Awkwafina) who’s typing furiously on not one, but two PCs in front of her. The single drop of personality in this drab, colorless office space is a bobblehead replica of her dog. Here, she gets a life-altering call from the retirement house, letting her know that her mother has escaped. Anne reunites with her wacky older sister, Jenny, played by Oh, and the two embark on an adventure to find their mom. However, the loan sharks aren’t making the search easy, as they expect Anne and Jenny to pay back their mother’s debt. Of course there are mishaps and misadventures along the way. And at some point, the sisters go all-in on winning a trivia competition which is hosted by… Will Ferrell? And why does Jenny carry around a mysterious bag of white powder that she insists is Stevia?! All will be answered on Nov. 3, when “Quiz Lady” releases on Hulu. 

We need to see e-girl, blue-haired Sandra Oh on our screens ASAP, but until then I guess the trailer can hold us over. Watch below.