K-pop Playlist of the Week: NCT, Big Bang & CLC

Let us provide you with some music while you dream of the weekend. Check out these five recent K-pop hits:

“Touch” – NCT 127

NCT is back with a vengeance, releasing a handful of new singles from every sub-unit. “Touch” deviates from the other songs’ moodiness with a light, feel-good melody and a little bit of funk.


“Flower Road” – Big Bang

Most of the members of Big Bang have taken leave to join the army for a couple years, but if any group can drop a jam and still kill the charts while on hiatus, it’s Big Bang.


“Lady” – Golden Child

Golden Child is Woollim’s successor to Infinite, and the influence can be found everywhere in the melancholic pop song “Lady.”


“Black Dress” – CLC

CLC has tried on a variety of concepts, but they’re back to their hard-hitting edgy style with “Black Dress,” and they’ve never looked better.


“True Love” – Kim Sunggyu

Infinite leader Sunggyu’s soaring vocals is the true star of “True Love.”