K-pop Playlist of the Week: Sunmi, Gikwang & EXO

Fall is nigh upon us, and K-pop is gearing up for another season of excellence. Here are our top autumn openers from the most recent K-pop releases:

“Power” – EXO

EXO is following up their K-pop/reggae dalliance with a solid dance track that’s surprisingly straightforward for a LDN Noise-produced song. Coupled with a fun, “Star Wars”-esque music video, “Power” is nothing but a good time all throughout.

“Gashina” – Sunmi

Sunmi’s sensual and charismatic “Gashina” marks her first collaboration with Teddy, the musical genius behind many of YG’s hits, and we’re definitely interested in seeing how Sunmi melds her artistry with Teddy’s musicality.

“Honeymoon” – BAP

BAP took the K-pop world by storm with their hard-hitting debut, but as the years went by, they’ve expanded their sound and tackled quite a few genres. With “Honeymoon,” the boys are trying on the EDM sound.

“What You Like” – Lee Gikwang

It’s been a while since the last time Gikwang has done anything as a soloist, but we’re glad to see that the option isn’t off the table. “What You Like” isn’t the most experimental or ambitious song in this batch, but we can appreciate a catchy hook and Gikwang’s charisma makes up most of the track’s appeal.

“I Loved You” – DAY6

Like clockwork, DAY6’s latest “Every Day6” project routinely delivers a new soft rock track from the JYP band. “I Loved You” has all the usual ingredients to make for another standout song, including smooth, stellar vocals and crisp instrumentation.

Which new releases have you excited?