KCON 2014: Presenting Quirky Korean Rocker Jung Joon Young


“I like ‘Gangnam Style,’ but how come, in Gangnam, none of the clubs play it?”

Jung Joon Young posed this seemingly earnest question to none other than Psy himself, who was acting as a judge on Mnet’s music talent show Superstar K4. Psy had just asked for the rock musician’s final words before announcing whether Jung made it to the top 12.

After joking around about going clubbing together, Psy declared that Jung had indeed advanced. Instead of rejoicing like most contestants would, however, Jung let out a sigh. Knowing that the show essentially had a lockdown policy for contestants, who aren’t allowed to go out drinking or partying, Jung told Psy, “We can’t go clubbing then.”

That line had Psy in stitches.

This is the clip of Psy announcing Jung Joon Young’s was advancing to the Top 12. Jung would place third in the music reality show.

Two years after being introduced to Korean television audiences, Jung has gone from being a relative unknown to a scream-inducing rockstar that also enjoys regular roles on popular South Korean TV variety shows. And, he still has that same mischievous humor. Evidence of that emerged at this past weekend’s KCON 2014 in Los Angeles, where Jung couldn’t help but joke around during a media roundtable, after a female interviewer asked him: “If you can change bodies with somebody for one day, who would it be and why?” Then, this exchange ensued:

Your body.


Because I want to live in a woman’s body for a day.

What would you do?

Touch my body for a day. Just kidding.

Though he is known for his humor, Jung is also recognized for his musical talent; he self-produced his second album, which he said was influenced by personal experiences. That actually made the process of creating the album “easier” and more fun, he said. Jung was able to share some of the music he created on Sunday, as he joined the star-studded list of K-pop performers that graced the KCON concert stage.

This marked the singer’s first time in Los Angeles, though he said the streets were actually quite familiar to him.

Jung Joon Young performs “Emergency Room” in Superstar K4.

Jung collaborates with Superstar K4 winner Roy Kim for “Becoming Dust.”

“My favorite game is GTA,” Jung explained, referencing the popular video game, Grand Theft Auto. “The latest GTA game is based on Los Angeles, so I feel very familiar with this city. When I’m looking around in downtown, these are places that appear in GTA. … I feel like I’m in a game, so yesterday on the streets, I was screaming.”

Check out Jung’s game room in We Got Married. Skip to 3:01.

Jung, who in addition to producing his own albums is also going to act in an upcoming film and also DJ a radio program in Korea, has come a long way from his brief stints with Korean bands like LEDApple and various indie groups.

He said he is thankful for the opportunities he is enjoying these days. Hours before the KCON concert, he told KoreAm that he was quite surprised to have fans in America. “Even though it’s so hot, I’m thankful for the fans that are waiting in line outside,” Jung said. ” Since this is a concert not just for me, but also for everyone, I hope that everyone has a good time.”

Jung’s music video of new title track “TEENAGER.”