You’re Welcome: Ken Jeong Drops Stand-Up Comedy Netflix Special On Valentine’s Day

Ken Jeong returns to his old stomping grounds in Pasadena, the Ice House, for his February 14 Netflix comedy special, named affectionately after his wife, “You Complete Me, Ho,” executive produced and directed by Jon M. Chu.

Flitting from accents as varied as his stern Korean father to a horny Bill Clinton, Jeong slays the diverse Asian American crowd with hilarious stories about being rich and successful in Hollywood and beautifully sets up one-liners about his medical work. With a fusillade of funny F-bombs peppering his monologue, Jeong’s routine is not for the PC crowd or the faint of heart. Unless you plan on having a seizure, in which case, Jeong is the right man for the job.

We cherry-picked 10 of our favorite jokes to brighten your miserable day:

  • A tip from his doctor days: “Ladies, when you get a pap smear, let’s make it presentable, all right? Less Chewbacca, more Ewok. We don’t want ‘That ’70s Show’ up in there.”
  • On the righteous Asian haters who felt that Leslie Chow was a race traitor: “These Asian haters hate themselves. They hated the fact that I had a thick accent, and I had a small penis. Dude, I was born with that shit. That’s not a stereotype! That’s real to me!”
  • On beating up white guys as Leslie Chow in ‘The Hangover:’ “I should be the Malcolm X of my community, not yellow Urkel, all right?”
  • On constantly having to pose for selfies with fans who love his Chow character: “I’m always nice about doing Mr. Chow stuff because I’m dead inside now.”
  • On his dad going from provider to freeloader: “As a kid, he was like you better get good grades for me. After ‘The Hangover,’ ‘you better get me S-class Mercedes!’”
  • On his appearance: “Look at me, I know I look like a double-chinned Asian Mr. Burns with bad posture.”
  • On the difference between Asian languages: “Vietnamese is like Korean on weed.”  
  • On the first movie with an all Asian American cast since “The Joy Luck Club”: “Crazy Rich Asians” or as we call it, “Yellow Panther.”
  • On being Korean: “Koreans are the hottest tempered of all Asians.”
  • On his transition from being a doctor to celebrity: “I worked at Kaiser F-ing Permanente. Then I said, ‘F- this shit. I’m gonna be naked and famous in a movie.” And he was.