Kenneth Choi Cast as Judge Ito in ‘American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson’

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

Kenneth Choi has been cast as a regular in the FX miniseries American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, which focuses on the court proceedings of the infamous 1995 O.J. Simpson trial.

On October 3, 1995, former professional football player and actor Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson was found not guilty in a double-murder case that tried him for the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman.

The case went down in U.S. history as the most publicized criminal trial.

Choi is set to play Judge Lance Ito, who presided over the O.J. Simpson murder trial and changed the course of televised trials by making the controversial decision to allow video cameras into the courtroom. Although a decade has passed since the verdict was passed, Ito is still criticized by legal professions today for turning the trial into a “media circus.”

According to Deadline, the FX series will explore the “chaotic behind-the-scenes dealings” of both the prosecution and defense lawyers involved in the trial.

Choi joins Courtney B. Vance, who portrays leader of the defense team, Johnnie Cochran; John Travolta, who plays Robert Shapiro, Simpson’s co-counsel; Cuba Gooding Jr., who portrays Simpson; Sarah Paulson who plays Marcia Clark, the lead prosecutor in the case; Sterling K. Brown, who plays prosecutor Christopher Darden; and Connie Britton who plays Faye Resnick.