Korean ‘Frozen’ Parody Goes Viral

The wildly popular song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Academy Award-winning animated classic Frozen has generated an array of musical covers by fans, but this Korean variety show’s comedic twist to the songis parody perfection.

Best known to be originally sung by Idina Menzel, this parody recreates an uncanny resemblance to the empowering scenes of Elsa unleashing her icy powers as she blasts snow from thin air and changes into her iconic blue gown.


With a dash of lip-syncing and a whole lot of passionate facial expressions, this version’s flawless portrayal of Elsa’s struggles and raw emotions as well as her transformation from a fearful girl to confident young woman will make it impossible for audiences not to laugh.

Although not as elegant as the original and a tad bit cheesier, watch as Korean Elsa adds her own flair to this ridiculously witty and unforgettable remake of this year’s Oscar-winning best original song.

The video was published on March 15 but only went viral a couple of days ago, recently eclipsing 1 million views on YouTube.