LiNK, Giant Robot & the Lings

Interested in helping out North Korea, the Ling sisters, LiNK, and Giant Robot?

This Saturday, LiNK and Giant Robot are co-hosting a book signing for the Ling sisters’ book, “Somewhere Inside,” at the Giant Robot store in West L.A. The book, which details Laura’s experiences in North Korea and Lisa’s efforts to bring her sister back to the States safely, will be available at the store.

Laura will be sharing her firsthand experiences in North Korea and LiNK’s vice president, Justin Wheeler, will also talk about his experiences meeting North Korean refugees in China and LiNK’s history and future in protecting, rescuing and rehabilitating North Koreans to freedom. All proceeds will donated to LiNK.

Event Info:

Saturday, July 17, 2010 from 5-7 p.m at the Giant Robot Store

2062 Sawtelle Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90025