The Amazing Race + KevJumba

Photo by CBS Our favorite Youtube father-son duo is heading over to reality TV. CBS announced that Kevin Wu, the 20-year-old Youtube star also known as “kevjumba,” will be […]

Archie Panjabi Takes Home an Emmy

Photo from Archie Panjabi, the British actress who plays private investigator Kalinda Sharma on CBS’ “The Good Wife,” took home her first Emmy for “Best Supporting Actress in […]

Greenspace in Koreatown

Photo by Elizabeth Eun Over a span of eight weeks, the high school interns at the K.W. Lee Center for Leadership’s Korean American Youth Leaders in Training developed a […]

Chilly Drinks For A Hot Summer

Red Mango Parfait For health nuts craving a creamy, fruity meal, skip the standard cup o’ fro-yo and grab this fruit and granola-laden parfait instead. Includes layers of frozen […]

Korean Tacos Go National

Photo from Channel APA The Korean taco craze began with Kogi BBQ in Southern California, which made taco lovers drool over Kogi’s ingenious fusion product–a simple corn tortilla loaded […]

Charice gets Botox for no reason

Charice Pempengco, the Filipina with the crazy vocals who became an overnight sensation through YouTube, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah Winfrey when she was only fifteen, got Botox and an […]

LiNK, Giant Robot & the Lings

Interested in helping out North Korea, the Ling sisters, LiNK, and Giant Robot? This Saturday, LiNK and Giant Robot are co-hosting a book signing for the Ling sisters’ book, […]

South Korean Teens & Boot Camp

photo credit: Los Angeles Times Apparently, the new fad for South Korean parents is sending their children to boot camp–physical, labor-intensive Marine-operated camps where children as young as 7 […]

"The Last Airbender" Boycott is staging protests today in Los Angeles and Seattle against the “discriminatory casting practices” in “The Last Airbender.” If you’re in Los Angeles, the protest will be at […]