Man With Knife Breaches JYP Headquarters, Demands Meeting with CEO


Authorities arrested a 34-year-old man for trespassing into the JYP Entertainment main headquarters in Seoul yesterday and threatening its employees with a knife, according to South Korean media.

The man, identified by the police only by his surname Choi, gained entrance into the complex by closely following an employee entering the building and managed to make it  to a recording room on the third floor, despite employees’ attempts to block him, reported the Korea Herald. Once there, he demanded to meet with JYP CEO J.Y. Park while wielding a 30-centimeter kitchen knife, police said.

The Herald reported that, after a secretary told him he could not meet with Park, Choi threw the knife. It was unclear from the news reports if he was trying to throw the knife at someone. No one was injured in the incident.

Police believe that Choi was enraged about the company’s lack of response to a job application he had sent it two years ago. “I sent in an application to enter JYP Entertainment two years ago, yet I didn’t receive any response or meet with Park . Therefore, I decided to come myself,” Choi told police.

JYP Entertainment, founded and led by J.Y. Park, is considered one of the “big three” record companies in South Korea. Its roster of artists have included the Wonder Girls, Rain and 2PM.

Photo via hanintel