Masala: Harry Shum Jr. Honors the True Love Story of “All My Life”

We all know Harry Shum Jr. from his dazzling roles in “Glee” and “Shadowhunters,” but in his latest film “All My Life,” Shum shows his romantic side as Solomon Chau, one half of the real-life couple who faced tragedy in the midst of their engagement. 

Chau had been diagnosed with liver cancer only a few months after proposing to partner Jenn Carter. In order to move up their wedding date and honeymoon while Chau was still in good health, the couple reached out to friends, family and the internet to help. Their inspiring story warmed the hearts of many and caught the attention of Hollywood, where the viral story was adapted into “All My Life,” starring Harry Shum Jr. as Chau and Jessica Rothe as Carter.

Chemistry was integral for the film. “All My Life,” which centers around two characters who take on life’s challenges through the power of hope and love, needed leads who could bring the energy and sincerity to the screen. The production was fortunate to have the real-life Carter involved, who offered her blessing to Rothe to find freedom in her performance. “That was really freeing as an actor,” explained Shum. It allowed the actors to delve into the beats of the story rather than approach it as a biopic. For Shum, he infused Chau’s perseverance and bravery in the face of adversity into the role. 

Shum was aware of how personal “All My Life” was, not only to the friends and family of the couple, but also to the cast and crew of production, who approached the actor with their own similar stories. “I’m curious to see what people take away from it,” Shum said. “That’s the beauty of films—there is a conversation between audiences.” Working on the project affected Shum as well, he added. “The experience changed how I look at life, how I would face adversity and anything that comes my way.”

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