Masala: The Cast of “I Want You Back” Wants You To Want Them

Amazon Studios’ “I Want You Back” presents a premise that may seem slightly deranged to some, but that didn’t stop the film from earning a coveted “Certified Fresh” stamp on Rotten Tomatoes, or impact the cast’s love and care for their characters. 

The romantic comedy follows protagonists Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate) as they both try to get over breakups with their exes, Anne (Gina Rodriguez) and Noah (Scott Eastwood). But things get messy when they find out their former lovers have new flames, Logan (Manny Jacinto) and Ginny (Clark Backo), which sends the two “sadness sisters” on a descent into immature shenanigans in trying to score their ex-partners back.

Although “I Want You Back” is undoubtedly filled with all the moments of laughter and love expected from a rom-com, Day explained in an interview that there are also deeper, more contemporary layers to the film. “The movie does have a lot of themes about just simply learning to be comfortable in your own skin, accepting your faults and being mature about your losses,” he said.

His co-star Slate agreed, and expanded on how their characters grow throughout the film. “Our characters are where they are because they’ve looked away from times where they could’ve made a specific choice, and then once they’re left out in the cold by other people, at first they’re pretty bruised,” she said. “But then, in the end they start making choices for themselves.”

But again, “I Want You Back” isn’t all deep life lessons—the film brings its comedy A-game as well. “I was just so excited to get in there and try different things and be weird and bizarre,” Jacinto said about playing Logan, a kooky middle school play director. 

Rodriguez, Backo and Eastwood also added their praises for the fleshed-out nature of the supporting characters. Backo summed up the allure of the film by saying, “It’s so fresh and new and heartbreaking and hilarious, with a diverse cast!”  

To get the cast’s full thoughts on their characters, the film’s unique themes and more, check out the full interview above.