Meet Justin Kim, the First Korean Male Contestant on ‘America’s Next Top Model’


Looks like we’re definitely tuning in to America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22! The popular reality television show is featuring a Korean male contestant and it goes without saying that he’s an absolute dreamboat.

Justin Kim may only be 23-years-old, but the Korean model already has quite a few eyes on him. According to Model Mayhem, he has done editorial, erotic, fitness, lifestyle, swimwear and promotional modeling. Kim, who stands over six feet tall and hails from Springfield, Virginia, has nearly 7K followers on Instagram, and we can only imagine how much his fanbase will grow with ANTM. After all, he is already being named a fan-favorite.


That three-piece.

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Kim joins Adam Smith from Cycle 21 on the rather short list of Asian male contestants to compete on ANTM*.  This certainly aligns with the idea that mainstream media has not yet recognized the appeal of Asian men. Too many times have we seen Asian males stereotyped with “traditionally unappealing” traits.

“When I was growing up, I was very much influenced by what I saw, and more importantly what I didn’t see on television.” said the winner of reality TV show Survivor: Cook IslandsYul Kwon. Kwon went on to point out that whenever he saw an Asian man on television, the character was a kung-fu master who could kick ass but couldn’t speak English, or a computer geek who could figure out algorithms but couldn’t get a date.

It’s 2015 and yet these negative stereotypes still exist. Hopefully, with more Asians entering mainstream media platforms, the world can finally accept that Asians are just as diverse as any other ethnicity. After all, we are human too.


*A previous version of this story named Justin Kim as the first Asian male contestant on ANTM


Feature image courtesy of Justin Kim’s Instagram.