Oh My, George Takei Made A “Let it Go” Cover

That’s right. In these past few months we’ve seen dozens upon dozens of “Let it Go” covers from the beloved Disney film Frozen. As it turns out, we haven’t seen the last of it.

Takei recently posted an image of himself donning winter gear in front of snowy trees. Through the post, Takei revealed that he made a cover of Frozen’s “Let it Go” with his “own special twist.”

Of course, many good things come with a catch and Takei’s cover is no exception. The image was merely a tease for his fans. Takei revealed that he will only release his “Let it Go” cover if Allegiance: The Musical gets 5K more fans.

Allegiance: The Musical stars George Takei and Lea Salonga and is “an epic story of love, family and heroism during the Japanese American internment.” The official website goes into further detail:

“Allegiance is an epic story of love, war and heroism set during the Japanese American internment of World War II, following the story of the Kimura family in the weeks and years following Pearl Harbor, as they are relocated from their farm in Salinas, California to the Heart Mountain internment camp in the rural plains of Wyoming.

Allegiance sheds new light upon a dark chapter of American history. One of the first Asian musicals in more than a decade, with a stunning and moving score, Allegiance connects the audience with universal themes of love, family and redemption.”


We don’t know about you, but Takei has given us yet another reason to support this epic musical.