On Repeat: “Be” by Apl.de.ap featuring Honey Cocaine & Jessica Reynoso


From the same man who had us singing “Bebot, bebot, be-bebot,” and more commonly known as 1/4 of the Black Eyed Peas, Apl.de.ap has formed a new trio with fiery Cambodian Canadian artist Honey Cocaine, and the half Black, half Filipino finalist from The Voice (Philippines), Jessica Reynoso. The trio put their skills together in Apl’s latest single “Be. This jam will appear on Apl’s upcoming album AP3 to be released in 2015.

The song’s sound is reminiscent of a 90’s hip hop beat, which is very fitting to Honey Cocaine’s unapologetic raps and sass, with guitar accents that get you feeling like you stepped into a modern day Western (think Tarentino’s Kill Bill).


Not to mention the awesome music video! For all the gamers out there, this video mimics a First Person Shooter and Role Playing video game. And it’s definitely got a Grand Theft Auto vibe going on. In the midst of conquering the multiple world maps and completing each level together, the two gamers–Apl.de.ap and Honey Cocaine–start up a new game of their own: romance.

Online gaming plus the most adorable ending makes Apl’s “Be” music video a must-watch.


Featured image courtesy of Apl De Ap.