Our 5 Favorite K-pop Dance Videos

More than just a musical genre, K-pop is a culmination of various audiovisual elements, and choreography can make or break an artist’s latest release. While music videos are a fine visual accompaniment to the music, sometimes the coolest parts of the choreography shine best during practice. Here are five of our favorite K-pop dances:

“Danger” – Taemin

We can’t talk K-pop choreography without mentioning the genre’s representative dance king. Taemin captivated people with his clean, sharp, strong movements, and his first solo project really showcases everything that a K-pop dance can be.

“Me Gustas Tu” – GFRIEND

In a similar vein, a list of standout K-pop choreography would be incomplete without these queens. GFriend is fast becoming known for their sharp choreography that challenges the notion that cute can’t be complex.

“My First and Last” – NCT Dream

If NCT Dream’s dynamic dance looks familiar, it may be because famed choreographer Tony Testa is behind it all. “My First and Last” takes advantage of the group’s size in a unique and artistic way.

“Whistle” – Blackpink

Sometimes the coolest dance moves are the ones that don’t look like a dance move at all. Blackpink’s skipping move in the chorus had us confused at first, but after a few more listens and a couple more views, the girls had us skipping right along.

“Just Right” – GOT7

Between fencing and b-boying, the boys of GOT7 have diverse backgrounds, which becomes one of the group’s strengths when it comes to dancing. “Just Right,” which is choreographed by Keone Madrid, combines acrobatics with intricacy, dynamism and just a little bit of silliness.

Share your favorite K-pop moves below!