Paris Fashion Week: French Cambodian Designer Christine Phung

Story by Ruby Veridiano.


French Cambodian designer Christine Phung delivered Pret a Porter perfection for her fall/winter 2014 collection that could easily be worn from the runway to the chicest ski slopes. Accessorizing with bejeweled skis and ski goggles and set on a winter palette of bright blues, navy, grey and white, the collection inspired a craving for winter wonderland, conjuring images of rock, ice, snow and sky. Mixed in with burgundy and a bit of coral, the designer also reminds us of the flames that burn to keep winter warm.

Sleeves with snowflake embellishments, kimono sleeves, flowy dresses designed with exquisite pleating and Swarovski crystal-studded skirts and jackets were some of the most notable pieces. The pairing of burgundy with navy blue, demonstrated through a patchwork pattern for skirts, jackets and sweaters, were also key pieces in the ski inspired collection. Personally, I thought all the pieces were true to the promise of “ready-to-wear” and I would absolutely (and eagerly) wear every single thing.

Phung set the tone of the afternoon with a poetic description of her collection, framed around the story of a fictional character the designer created from her imagination.  In the story, the character runs through the snow under the stars, unsure whether she is falling or flying. The confusion between the feelings of “falling and flying “was reinforced to the audience by the singer who sang a mesmerizing set of live music– a perfect pairing  for the looks in this collection.

Raised in France by a Cambodian father and French mother, Christine Phung credits her dual heritage for influencing her work, giving her an appreciation for printed fabric and materials. Her Asian background speaks through her designs in the form of volume, kimono sleeves, the use of vibrant color and the choice of using of silk in her materials.

She is an award-winning designer based in Paris.

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