Reporter Discovers How Much Plastic Surgery He Needs to Look Like G-Dragon

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

South Korea is the mecca of plastic surgery, with about one in five Korean women going under the knife, according to a 2009 survey. Thousands of medical tourists also flock to Gangnam every year to get their so-called K-pop transformations. Last year, a Brazilian man underwent 10 procedures to look more Korean.

Fascinated by South Korea’s obsession with plastic surgery, Geoffrey Cain, a Seoul-based GlobalPost writer, decided to learn just how many surgical procedures it would take for him to look like K-pop rapper and fashionista G-dragon.

His first stop was one of the most renowned Gangnam clinics, Cinderella Plastic Surgery and Dental Clinic. There, Cain received consultation from Dr. Jong-pil Chung, the clinic’s chief physician. After examining Cain’s X-rays, Dr. Chung said it would take a painful package of fixes for Cain to look like the 26-year-old chic rapper: a forehead lift, “V-line” surgery along the chin, liposuction, sawing of the mandible, cheekbone reduction and several botox injections. And the entire package would cost about USD $26,700. That’s not a pretty price.

Although all of the procedures could be completed in just five to six hours, Dr. Chung said recovery would take much longer. It would take aleast six months for Cain’s new face to be free of swelling. In addition, Cain would have to maintain a strict exercise regimen to attain G-dragon’s lean, muscular physique.

Here is a photoshopped image of what Cain would look like if he underwent the procedures:

before-after-geoff-g-dragonA before-and-after shot of Cain that was given to him during the one-hour consultation. (Photo via GlobalPost)

You can read about Cain’s full consultation on GlobalPost.


Featured image via GlobalPost