SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP Reach A Tentative Agreement, Ending the 118-day Strike

History has been made. According to Variety, the longest actors’ strike against Hollywood’s film and television studios “ended” today, as SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating committee and AMPTP were able to reach a tentative agreement. 

After AMPTP’s “last, best and final” offer that was delivered last Friday, the union reported that, “There are several essential items on which we do not have an agreement, including AI.” On Monday, the AMPTP revised their contract language regarding AI. Yesterday, SAG-AFTRA reviewed this in a session lasting 10 hours. Today, the two sides were able to come to a consensus, putting a tentative end to this hot-button issue. In addition to the concerns with AI replacing actors, the issue of the inequitable pay system was addressed in the agreement as well. It was announced that most minimums (pay rates) are set to increase by 7%.

Technically speaking, the strike will officially end tomorrow Nov. 9 (12:01 am), and the next day, the agreement will be up for approval by SAG-AFTRA’s national board. On Friday, following the national board’s vote, the full terms of the three year agreement will be shared to the public. Union members will need to vote to ratify which will take some time, however, actors are welcome to start working as soon as tomorrow.