Seoul’s Poop Café Offers Sweet Treats

by ALEX HYUN | @ahyundarkb4dawn

Can you smell it? That aroma of delectable coffee wafting from a toilet bowl. Wait, what?

According to Korean food and lifestyle blog Seoul Searching (not to be mistaken for Benson Lee‘s film), there’s a trendy coffee shop in Seoul called the “Poop Café.” The exterior of the café looks fairly ordinary, but once inside, visitors can find tiny plunger ornaments hanging off Christmas trees, cartoon poop murals covering walls and plants potted in squat toilets.

poop cafeSONY DSCSONY DSC(Photos via Seoul Searching)

14288312693_7b6047d0e8_b(Photo via Seoul State of Mind)

Compared to Taiwan’s bathroom-themed restaurant, Modern Toilet, Seoul’s Poop Café is more subtle with their poop decor. For one, there are no glitzy toilet-shaped seats or bathtub-shaped tables. The café is minimalistic and uses mismatched chairs and wooden tables to give off a more cozy feeling. Quirky porcelain mugs featuring cute poop cartoons are displayed on wooden shelves, and colorful poop plushies rest on various tables. Many guests seem to enjoy wearing the plushies on their heads.

1380594485754872872SONY DSCSONY DSC(Photos via Seoul Searching)

You can also drink hot coffee out of mini-toilet shaped cups. Poop-shaped scones are also served with strawberry jam. If you’re lucky, the barista will decorate your rose latte with some poop art.

SONY DSCSONY DSC(Photos via Seoul Searching)

There’s even a small vendor outside the establishment separately selling poop-shaped Korean bread filled with red bean or chocolate for about $1 each.

poop bread vendor(Photo via Seoul Searching)

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.37.59 PM(Screenshot captured via sweetandtastyTV)

The café is located in Insadong (인삳동) near the Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁). It’s on the fourth floor of the Ssamzie-gil Mall (쌈지길). If you’re traveling to Korea and you’re in the Insadong area, treat yourself to some poop. As a hardy traveler, you deserve it.

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Featured image via Seoul Searching

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