Spark Joy on National Simplicity Day With Advice From These 9 Asian YouTubers

National Simplicity Day was created to honor transcendentalist philosopher and author Henry David Thoreau, who encouraged a life within nature, away from material needs. 

The holiday seems more relevant to our fast-paced society than ever before. Marie Kondo, with her house-cleaning tips, might as well be our modern, Japanese Henry David Thoreau. In the same vein as Thoreau and Kondo, these 9 Asian YouTubers are channeling the magic of simplicity, self-care and organization.

1. Rowena Tsai

Rowena Tsai, a lifestyle vlogger and self-proclaimed “productive potato,” delivers practical advice in her down-to-earth style videos. Tsai is open about the obstacles she faced earlier in life, including excessive partying and the death of her brother, and how she’s changed her life to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment.

2. Heal Your Living

Youheum Son’s apartment contains only the bare essentials and minimal furniture (she sleeps in a hammock!). Son’s videos are simple and soothing, so even if you don’t plan to adopt a minimalist lifestyle anytime soon, you can glean a few downsizing tips from her.

3. TheStriveToFit

Not only does Jamie Lee spend close to 14 hours working at her residency, she also regularly posts crisply filmed and edited videos about productivity, exercise and med school. There’s a lot to learn from this busy bee.

4. ilikeweylie

Posting consistently on YouTube for ten years, Weylie Hoang has established herself as a popular beauty and lifestyle vlogger. In her videos, she shares simple vegetarian recipes, relationship advice and self-care routines. On her alternate channel WahlieTV that she shares with her boyfriend Wah Wu, she regularly posts vlogs about daily activities and van life.

5. Hobo Ahle

Hobo Ahle takes minimalism to the next level—her van is her home. Despite the challenges that Ahle faces as a solo female van dweller, she travels often and shares her lifestyle tips with thousands of her fascinated fans.

6. studyquill

This soon-to-be high school senior represents everything I wish I could have been when I was her age—productive and generally on top of my sh*t. Jasmine Shao provides inspiration for students of all ages to get organized and achieve their academic goals. She recently wrote a book, “Study With Me,” with slime YouTuber Alyssa Jagan about bullet journaling and developing good academic habits.

7. Jem

Short and sweet, Jem often shares her favorite apps for self-care. She shows that devices, if used in the right way, can help reset and ground yourself rather than being a force for digital addiction.

8. Lavendaire

To Aileen Xu, self-care is a lifestyle, and if you watch a few of her reset routine videos, you’ll want to refresh your own life. She also provides career and life advice, making her a great digital motivational speaker.

9. Maya Lee

In addition to being a popular lifestyle vlogger, Maya Lee is a grade school teacher, meaning she has the degree to back up the education skills she wields on YouTube. Whether she’s waking up at absurd times in the morning or whipping up a quick meal, Lee can teach you how to stay positive and productive despite a stressful job.