Strangest of Strange Asian Cuisine

The Fung Bro’s and AJ Rafael released the music video “Asians Eat Weird Things” and gave us a good laugh. Needless to say, we’re all aware that some Asian dishes would be considered weird and unappealing to the typical American cuisine even though we may love the stuff. Check out the music video below as well as our list of “Strangest of Strange Asian Cuisine”.

century eggs
A Chinese delicacy where duck, chicken or quail eggs are preserved until the yolk of the eggs to take on a creamy texture and the whites turns into a dark-colored jelly.



A southeast Asian fruit known for its large size, strong (and often disliked) odor, and horn-covered exterior.

stinky tofuSTINKY TOFU
A form of fermented tofu that actually does have a strong enough odor to gain its name.

blood sausageBLOOD SAUSAGE
Links of pork and other meats mixed with blood to give them their distinct, dark color.

A developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in its shell.

Are these too strange that you can’t stomach it? Or do you absolutely love the stuff? Tell us what you think and list some of your own strange Asian dishes.