Studio Ghibli’s 5 Most Memorable Characters

“Princess Mononoke” was re-released at select Cinemark theaters this week, coinciding with Hayao Miyazaki’s 76th birthday! In honor of the re-release, let’s take a moment to recognize five memorable characters from the Studio Ghibli universe.

Totoro – “My Neighbor Totoro”

A symbol of friendship, loyalty, and comfort, Totoro is the face of Studio Ghibli. Who could not love him?

Princess Mononoke (San) – “Princess Mononoke”

Raised by wolves, San is fearless and utilizes her tough exterior to fight for the cause she cares about.

Jiji – “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

Jiji acts as a voice of reason and likes to make witty remarks to tease Kiki occasionally.

Ponyo – “Ponyo”

Ham! Ponyo’s child-like curiosity makes her an adorably carefree and fun-loving character.

Zeniba/Yubaba – “Spirited Away”

Zeniba is a powerful witch with many intricate parts to her character. She and her twin sister Yubaba exemplify how good and evil can both coexist, especially within the same person.

Who’s your favorite Studio Ghibli character?