The 15 Perfect Asian American Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

1. Don’t U –  Ken Loi

A quintessential summer dance track, “Don’t U” has more bounce than a hot check. Bring the festival scene with you anywhere you go with this Chinese American producer’s hot track.

2. Everyday, Everyday – Manila Killa (featuring Nevve)

This is a floaty dance track that would be best enjoyed on a boardwalk at sunset. “Everyday, Everyday” would be the  perfect bop for a summer fling. Manila Killa’s gorgeous soundscape has us yearning for that special (but temporary) someone.

3. 1990 (Interlude) – G Yamazawa

Whether you’re rolling down the roads of the Pacific Coast Highway or the streets of Durham, “1990 (Interlude)” is the Asian baby boy jam you’ll need slapping from your subwoofer this summer. This beat hits harder than Manny Pacquiao’s uppercut. G Yamazawa spits fire so hot, the temperature might rise another 100 degrees.

4. Indian Summer – Jai Wolf

While Jai Wolf just dropped his debut album “The Cure to Loneliness” in April, nothing encapsulates a magical summer the way his breakout hit “Indian Summer” does. Go on an adventure with this  colorful, decadent track and explore the world with rose-colored glasses.

5. Hey Ya – Sweater Beats

Sampling from the hit Outkast track, “Hey Ya” will have you moving your feet once the sun goes down. The classic got a modern makeover that’s perfect for the summer club scene.

6. Brooklyn ‘95 – Robotaki

You could make an entire playlist of summer tracks just with Robotaki songs. “Brooklyn ‘95” has us feeling some-type-of-way though, with beats and lyrics that evoke the sticky, humid summers of New York City.

7. Midsummer Madness – 88Rising

An essential of any ABG’s summer playlist, “Midsummer Madness” embodies the free-spirited feeling of summer. Dip into youthful superficiality as the usual suspects of 88Rising like Rich Brian and Joji take you away to a lyrical late night beach bonfire under a technicolor night sky.

8. My Life – ZHU (Featuring Tame Impala)

“My Life” combines Tame Impala’s distinct brand of psychedelia with ZHU’s signature falsetto to create a lush sonic template akin to a dramatic desert sunset. You can almost hear the sun go down as the club music creeps up.

9. One Reason – Hotel Garuda

Just like the way many summer flings end, Asian American electronic duo Hotel Garuda broke up last June. One half of the duo, Filipino American Chris Gavino, is now playing under the aforementioned stagename Manila Killa, while the Mumbai-born Aseem Mangaokar is still making beats as Hotel Garuda. And we’re glad, because “One Reason” is a high-energy dance track that will have you moving and shaking from dusk to dawn.

10. Right In Front Of Me – Win and Woo

Dance your sweaty-self dry this summer with the bass-heavy “Right In Front Of Me.” This catchy banger will have you going hard for three minutes and 48 seconds straight.

11. Essentially – Japanese Breakfast

If you need a break from the bass-bumping tunes on this list, Japanese Breakfast’s newest single is for you. Featuring the whimsical imagery of white sundresses and wide-brimmed straw hats, “Essentially” is, pun definitely intended, your essential indie summer ballad.

12. Boba Date – Mark Redito

Bask in the neon-lit soundscapes of “Boba Date.” This happy little electronic tune is perfect for a warm summer night after a day of gaming at the Japanese arcade and (you guessed it) boba.

13. Talk – Kid Trunks

The block is hot on “Talk.” This banger features catchy lyrics and a beat that’s harder than getting into med school. Pull up to your next summer car meet with this straight fire song.

14. Beach – Qrion

A theme park of cheery synths, “Beach” is a sunshower track by the up-and-coming Sapporo-born producer, Qrion. With just a minimalistic beat, she’s able to capture the complex, carefree emotions of summer.

15. 6 Summers – Anderson .Paak

As the song promises, “6 Summers” will be good to bang for the next six summers. Heading into its second summer, the jazzy jam features a guitar rift smoother than a K-Pop star’s skin.