The Child Star: Megan Lee

This is part of our cover series on Asian American YouTube stars. Check out our recent profiles on Wong Fu Productions and Dumbfoundead.

Megan Lee
Actress, singer

Forget Miley Cyrus. Hello, Megan. For all her self-promoted YouTube fame, Megan is as down-to-earth as can be. Well, sort of. The 15-year-old songstress gives off the impression that she’s in a permanent state of whimsy, embellishes her writing with an impressive amount of emoticons, and dreams as big as only teens can. But her surprisingly soulful voice and ease in front of the camera tend to give those dreams substance. It helps that her parents keep her firmly grounded. “My parents told me, that as a Christian, I should use my talent for a good cause. They always tell me, ‘This is not to show off your talent, this is to make other people happy, to change people, to connect. You’re doing this for a reason.’”

Story by Elizabeth Eun
Photographed by Eric Sueyoshi in Northridge, California.

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Megan sings a cover of Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato’s “Wouldn’t Change A Thing.”