The Most Talked About Hair Diffuser from NYFW

There was quite some buzz was going on backstage during New York Fashion Week, and no, it was not only about the designers’ pieces. Instead, an odd contraption connected to the hairdryers seemed to catching all the attention. These giant, sock-like cushions that were rolled around the ends of the hairdryers turned out to be ion hair diffusers. A NYFW attendee from Fashionista did some digging and discovered that the diffusers were in fact from Japan’s Y.S./Park, a beauty tool manufacturing company known for their top quality. Considering that many NYFW hairdressers were seen using them, we were stuck wondering what makes these diffusers different the old fashioned plastic diffusers?

1) It’s Lightweight

The biggest problem I saw with the plastic diffusers was that they would take up a good portion of my luggage space and weight. With Y.S. Park’s new design, it becomes easier to carry around and it’s fuss free. I can roll it up and toss it in my bag, and not worry about breaking the diffuser.


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2) No Frizz

Not only is the Y.S. Park diffuser durable, it’s highly effective. The sock design is meant to eliminate the airflow of the dryer and only allows heat through, thus eliminating any frizz.


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3) Faster Drying Time

On top of managing frizz, the nylon mesh in the front is coated in silver and titanium, which releases negative ions. Because the water particles in the hair have a positive ionic charge, the negative ions help disperse the water into smaller particles. Essentially, the drying time is cut in half and there’s less damage done to the hair.


For our curly haired ladies or even our ladies with more textured hair, the Y.S. Park ion diffuser might be the perfect tool for you. Less fuss, less frizz and efficient!


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