The Return of Asian Horror Remakes

The U.S. film industry is no stranger to adaptations of popular Asian movies, but the early 2000s were especially loaded with Asian horror movie remakes. The frenzy started in 2002 when Dreamworks Studios put its spin on Hideo Nakata’s “Ringu,” more commonly known as “The Ring.”

During the next decade, Hollywood continued to feed the hype with the releases of “The Ring Two,” and other remakes such as “The Grudge” (three of them!), “Dark Water,” “Pulse,” “The Eye,” “One Missed Call,” “Shutter,” “Mirrors” and “The Uninvited.” Eventually, the trend died down, but like most of the spirits in these movies, it was only waiting for the right time to strike again. Leave it to Paramount Pictures to awaken the ghosts of remakes past with its upcoming release of “Rings” on Feb. 3, 2017.

(Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)
(Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Rings” is expected to scare a whole new generation of movie-goers, and to prove that, Paramount Pictures staged a prank for some unsuspecting TV shoppers.


Scare Prep


This is going to be good…


First You Watch, Then You Die!


She’s coming for you!


Scared the Sh-t Out of Them


He’s probably rethinking that all-white outfit.


That Face You Make When You Realize A New TV Isn’t That Important


Next time she’s sending her husband to pick out the new TV.


How to Know You’re Not Ready for the Latest 3D Ultra HD TV


These graphics are too real.


When You Think You’ve Gotten Away


But then you hit a wall.


Watch the full prank video below and see if you’re brave enough to watch the new “Rings” movie.