This San Jose City Councilman Brought A Captain America Shield To His Swearing-In

When a person is being sworn into office to serve as a city council member, he or she usually has to recite an oath while raising one hand and placing the other on a Bible.

This time around, San Jose Councilman Lan Diep decided to go for a more superhero approach by using Captain America’s shield for his swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, the Mercury News reports.


“[Captain America is the embodiment of America’s ideals, which] are the same ideals I hope to live up to as a representative of San Jose,” Diep told Mercury News. “Plus, I had this really cool shield I wanted to show off.”

Diep, 32, added that the shield is a limited-edition replica from “Captain America: The First Avenger” and only 1,000 were made.

On Twitter, some people liked the legal aid attorney’s superhero twist while others thought it was not appropriate. Check out some of the responses below.