Til’ Death Do Us Part: Season Two of ‘The Afterparty’ Unveils Latest Murder Mystery with Latest Trailer

Get those alibis and mind movies in order because “The Afterparty” is back for another season on Apple TV+. Tiffany Haddish returns as Detective Danner to solve another murder mystery, with Zoe Chao and Sam Richardson also returning to aid Haddish’s character in cracking their latest case.

In the show’s latest trailer, a wedding is ruined when the groom is found murdered and every guest and even family member is a suspect. Following up on season one’s refreshing take on the whodunit genre, season two looks to expand on the unique retelling of each suspect’s account. Throughout the 10 episodes, each guest will share their sides of the story, told through the lens of popular film genres that match the storyteller’s perspective.

With an ensemble of a cast that season one had, season two looks to be no different. Haddish, Richardson and Chao will be joined by Poppy Liu, Vivian Wu, John Cho, Ken Jeong, Elizabeth Perkins, Jack Whitehall and Zach Woods

With a murder to solve and plenty of people to talk to, season two of “The Afterparty” can’t come soon enough. “The Afterparty” returns July 12 on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes premiering, followed by one episode releasing every Wednesday. 

To see the full trailer, watch below.