Tila Tequila Does Nazi Salute, Suspended From Twitter

Tila Tequila, the Vietnamese American reality TV star, made a bizarre announcement this week: She’s a self-declared Nazi. Now she’s suspended from Twitter.

The 35-year-old who rose to fame years ago by amassing over two million MySpace friends has tweeted posts praising Hitler, and referred to him as “mein Fuhrer,” dressing up her baby daughter with a Hitler moustache. Tequila was spotted with the alt-right movement holding up the Nazi salute at the National Policy Institute conference.

“I bring a little bit more diversity to the movement,” Tequila told The Daily Beast when asked about why she attended the conference. Tequila – who has since had her Twitter account suspended – wrote many cryptic neo-Nazi messages about Donald Trump’s candidacy and the alt-right movement.

“Women who complain about Trump saying ‘grab her by the p***y’ are retards because I love being grabbed [there]!” one of her tweets read. Her bio, in part, read “Alt-reich Queen! Literally Hitler.”

This isn’t the first time Tequila expressed Nazi sentiments. In April, she wished Hitler a happy birthday over Twitter, saying, “He tried to save his people but the reptilians won and ruined his legacy and made him bad. On this great day of 420, I will honor our true king!” In 2015, she was kicked off the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” after a Photoshopped image of her taken in 2013 depicted her in front of Auschwitz donning a Swastika and an SS cap.

Back then, Tequila said the image was a “terrible mistake” and that she was in no way shape or form a racist or Nazi supporter, according to 9News.

About a week after Trump was elected, Tequila and about 200 alt-right supporters met at the aforementioned convention center near the White House to celebrate his victory.