Tired Of Boba? Here Are 10 Drinks To Try This Summer That Aren’t Milk Tea

Boba milk tea is one of the great classics, and our summer favorite—the sweet, creamy drink will never go out of style as our ultimate caffeine and sugar fix.

But if you’re looking for a new way to cool off, and want to give your wallet a break from all those trips to Honeyboba, try a sip of these ten drinks. From Vietnamese iced coffee to a tall glass of chilled thandai, read on to learn about some drinks you’ve heard of, and some to sample for the first time.

1.Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Vietnam)


The second-largest producer of coffee in the world has to have its own take on the drink. Highly caffeinated cà phê sữa dá  is brewed using a drip filter and dark roast beans, and sweetened with condensed milk. It goes great with a fresh bánh mì, but be warned—try to enjoy this drink early in the day if you value your sleep schedule.

2. Nom Yen (Thailand)


We all know the delicious taste of a bright orange Thai tea, known as cha nom yen. But the English words “Thai tea” can also encompass beverages that don’t even contain tea, like regular nom yen. Made from Sala syrup mixed with condensed milk and water, you can find green or pink nom yen anywhere in Thailand, but while you save up for that plane ticket you can make it at home.

3. Banana Milk (Korea)


This popular drink originated in Korea, but has now spread as far as Iran. Originally conceived in the 1970s as a way to encourage Koreans to drink more milk, banana milk is now a staple of Korean culture, and if you can get ahold of some Stateside, this drink is one sweet way to keep cool.

4. Amazake (Japan)


This koji-fermented rice concoction can be alcoholic (served as “sweet sake”), but adults and children alike can enjoy glasses of non-alcoholic amazake. It’s served in many Shinto shrines on New Year’s Day, but the drink is a nutritional, lightly sweet treat that can be enjoyed year-round.

5. Bajigur (Indonesia)


Brewed with palm sugar and coconut milk, bajigur is a coffee traditionally spiced with ginger,  pandan leaves and a pinch of salt to crank up the flavors. Though usually served hot, the drink is often iced to create a delicious, chilled treat perfect for the dog days of summer.

6. Thandai (India)


This milk-based drink is usually consumed at festivals like Holi and Maha Shivaratri, and is prepped using flavorings like saffron, rose petals, watermelon kernels and cardamom. Variations on the traditional thandai include the badam thandai and bhang thandai, which is made using cannabis for a little extra “chill,” if you catch our drift.

7. Badam Ka Sharbat (Pakistan)


Similar to thandai, “badam milk” is popular across the South Indian subcontinent, especially in Pakistan. The drink is a saffron-infused, sweetened almond milk, served cold as a refreshing summer treat.

8. Bandung (Singapore)


Although bandung originated in Malaysia, it’s incredibly popular in Singapore today. Made from a combination of rose syrup and condensed milk, this vibrant drink is sure to sweeten up your summer and your Instagram feed. The “pink drink” from Starbucks has nothing on this flavorful treat.

9. Lassi (Bangladesh, India)


Somewhere between a milkshake and a rich smoothie, traditional lassi is a blend of dahi (milk curds) and spices, but fruit-based versions of the drink are gaining popularity in South Asia and around the world. Mango lassi, a mixture of dahi, milk and mango pulp, is especially prevalent in Europe and the U.S.

10. Teh Tarik (Malaysia)


This frothy tea is popular all over Asia, but its origins can be traced back to Malaysia, where it’s the national drink. The drink is made from strong black tea mixed with condensed milk (and sometimes honey), and the liquid is poured back and forth between two containers to create a unique foaming effect.