‘Try Harder!’—Debbie Lum’s College Application Documentary Is Coming to Theaters

Let’s face it, college applications might not be anyone’s favorite memory of high school. But like it or not, those stressful days and long nights mark a rite of passage, a major turning point in many lives.

That’s what director Debbie Lum explores in her documentary feature, “Try Harder!” The film is hitting a select number of cinemas around the country for a limited theatrical run, starting Dec. 2 in San Francisco and Berkeley, Calif. Additional premieres open today, Dec. 3, in New York, Los Angeles, Pasadena and San Rafael Calif. and Tulsa, Okla.

(Photo courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment.)

The documentary centers on five high school seniors attending San Francisco’s elite Lowell High School, following the students’ highs and lows during their preparation for the next step in their academic lives. “Try Harder!” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past January and has since screened at festivals around the country, including this year’s Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Ready to revisit your senior year? You can check out the “Try Harder!” website to find tickets for a theater near you.